In today’s climate of innovation, passionate and hard-working employees in computer science, engineering, and technology are in increasingly high demand.  Unfortunately, our workforce does not contain the number of diverse employees that will pull the US back to the top.  ChickTech is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to retaining women in the technology workforce and increasing the number of girls pursuing technology-based careers by facilitating hands-on, technology-centric events to empower, support, and increase the confidence of women and girls.

Our upcoming events, ChickTech: High School: Bend & ChickTech: High School: Madras, are annual two-day events for 100 – 150 high school girls from the Central Oregon area to be held in February and March, 2018. These events will increase our participants’ interest in pursuing high tech careers by attending one of seven workshops in various areas of tech and engineering, including robotics, microcontrollers, computer games, computer construction, and web and phone application design and creation.  We offer multiple other opportunities throughout the year including internships, workshops, career workshops, and one-on-one mentoring, culminating in a “graduation ceremony.”   All of this is offered free of charge to our participants.

We need your assistance to ensure that these life changing events occurs, reaching not only the 150 young women who attend, but their peers and friends at their respective schools. These women will serve as ambassadors for their fellow students with respect to the importance of technology, empowering and engaging them in further ChickTech events. Although ChickTech will accept any amount, we have created sponsorship levels that highlight how you and your organization can have a meaningful impact:

In-kind sponsor………Gently used and new laptop(s) or equipment

Do you have equipment that has life left but you don’t need it? Pay it forward to girls so they may learn how to program, build a computer, and more.

Student Sponsor………$250

The cost for one girl for an entire year of programming, including workshops and mentoring

Programming Workshop Sponsor………$500

1-day programming workshop for 30 girls

Soft Circuit Sponsor………$1,000

Soft circuit workshop with Arduinos for 15 girls

Equipment Sponsor………$5,000

Cost of all materials for 100 girls at the Kickoff event

Title Kickoff Sponsor……… $10,000

Cover the cost of workshop materials, transportation, food, and childcare stipends so 100 girls from across rural Oregon can participate in this life-changing experience.

For every $500 given, we offer a seat at our exclusive celebration event at the end of each cohort’s year and recognition on our marketing materials. All sponsors receive a spot both on our website and in the information booklet for the event with their logo. They will also have the opportunity to provide advertising materials for participants to take home at the end of the event, as well as the ability to use ChickTech’s logo and name as an “official sponsor.” Please contact us for more information about marketing and PR opportunities at each level.

Our organization was envisioned, designed, and implemented by a diverse group of engineers and computer scientists who wished to see more young women interested and involved in the rapidly-changing world of technology. We hope you’ll join us in creating opportunities for these women to grow, learn, and excel.

to all of our Partners, Sponsors
and Volunteers!


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