ChickTech: High School in Central Oregon is a program created to show high school girls that engineering and technology are great career paths that allow them to be creative, solve problems, and make a difference in the world. We run two two-day events for high school girls each winter in Bend and Madras. In 2018 we had a combined total of 88 girls from Central Oregon attend our Bend and Madras events.

All workshops are hands-on and project-based so that participants come out of each with a sense of accomplishment and a burst of confidence. Workshops include game development, app dev, web programming, and alternative energy.  Our program provides a fun, positive learning experience designed to build participants’ confidence in their technical abilities, give them positive role models, create connections with other young women from the Central Oregon area, and create a positive association with technology creation. 

“This year, my senior year, I have applied to engineering schools for college. Without having the experience of ChickTech, I wouldn’t have even thought to be interested in technology. Now I want to go to school for it.”

ChickTech: High School Participant

The program is free to participants, and we offer transportation help, food, and overnight accommodations for attendees to the Bend event who are coming from further away. We also provide childcare stipends to those students with children!


A crucial aspect of our program is finding young women who would not otherwise have thought of themselves as capable of succeeding in a high tech career. Many of you have seen young women not reach their potential in STEM because they thought it was too difficult—or do not have any role models in the field.

Our High School Programs are free to high school girls. We provide supplies and materials needed to create the workshop, laptops to work with, and we coordinate with volunteer instructors around the Central Oregon area to lead the workshop. Transportation help and food are provided at all of our events; child care stipends are also available if needed.

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