A Welcome From the ChickTech CEO

We’re so excited you’re here and welcome to the ChickTech Community! ChickTech is working hard to get more female, non-binary and trans-people, in tech careers and keep them there. We’re thrilled to have you join us on this journey. We strongly believe that having more people like you in the tech world will improve what tech companies create, therefore, creating a better world for all.

Each of us at ChickTech want to make sure you have every opportunity to learn about what you can do in technology! This year, our program consists of the Kickoff weekend on <<DATE>>, monthly events that are designed to give you marketable skills and help you explore careers that you might not automatically associate with tech, and additional opportunities to connect with mentors, internships, and other tech programs.

The tech industry could really use you and your unique perspective. Right now, STEM jobs are growing at 3 times the rate of other professions and if the STEM education gap is not closed, there will be one million unfilled, high-paying STEM positions in just two years. More crucially, the number of diverse voices in technology remains shockingly low: women account for only 18% of those obtaining computer science degrees; and 13% of engineering jobs. Without more diversity, the tech field suffers from limited creativity. We believe that you can be part of this mission to change the face of the tech workforce! That’s why, with the support of our amazing
sponsors and volunteers, we are excited to welcome you here today – because we believe YOU are the future of what #TechLooksLike.

Please give us your feedback during and after each event so that we can make ChickTech an inclusive, fun, and welcoming experience for everyone!

Happy Tech-ing!

Katie SanFilippo
ChickTech CEO


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