Lisa O’Brian | Central Oregon Chapter Director

Lisa O'Brian
Lisa O’Brian

Lisa O’Brian is a Bend resident who retired after 24 years at Microsoft as a Program / Project Manager where she managed strategic projects that involved leading global and diverse teams. She has a passion for driving positive change, technology, and empowering women.

Akira Brand | Adult Programs Director

Akira Brand
Akira Brand

Akira is an experienced developer, educator, and leader. Driven by a love for innovation and a desire to help people, they take pride in providing the best software and tech education possible. As a developer, their goals include building versatility with the MERN stack and expanding their open-source contributions. In addition to their primary job functions, Akira has been recognized by NASA for their extraordinary commitment to improving the lives of refugees with technology.

Florentina Ilie | High School Program Content Director

Florentina Ilie
Florentina Ilie

Florentina is an obstacle runner in the tech world! The obstacles she runs over are glass ceilings and social conventions. Her running tools are her computer and her determination to bring as many women to the starting line as she possibly can. She ia a lifelong scholar and currently a computer science senior at OSU Cascades.

Julia Khoury Valentine | Communications Director

Julia Khoury Valentine

Julia is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Oregon State University working in Central Oregon in the medical device industry. She is passionate about empowering young women and minorities to pursue careers in STEM. Julia is excited to grow the reach of ChickTech in Central Oregon! 

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