The Central Oregon ChickTech Chapter

ChickTech has operated in Central Oregon since 2016. We have developed strong leadership in the organization who are determined to take the initial successes we have seen with the High School program to the next stage. We are committed to expanding the reach of the chapter to more high school students across the Central Oregon region, as well as adult programming. We have created a strategic plan for moving forward and we need your help to forge the path ahead!

What We Do

ChickTech Central Oregon has successfully hosted an annual event at local campuses aimed at High Schoolers. This 2-day program is targeted at high school aged girls who show potential in the STEM area but may not have had opportunities to have much exposure to technology. It is free to all attendees and the workshops are led by industry professionals.  The workshops include opportunities to learn coding, design computer interfaces, design and create items such as a 3D game in a virtual world, and much more.

New Adult Community Programs: We will be hosting adult community events during the next year to help build the women in tech community in Central Oregon. These events will focus on networking along with career and tech workshops. We will also be partnering with our Portland chapter to co-host the 2-Day Pacific Northwest ACT-W event which is the largest female tech conference in Oregon.

Expanding our High School Programs: In addition to the annual 2-day High School event, we will be providing additional follow up workshops to the girls at their local high schools throughout the school year to continue their learning and confidence in their technical abilities. We will also be providing scholarships to selected seniors to attend the NW ACT-W 2-day female tech Conference in Portland.

We are not stopping there: We have future aspirations to develop both mentoring and K-8 programs in the next 2-4 years.

How can we work together?

We look forward to partnering with local schools, companies, organizations and individuals with an interest in the future of local women in technology.
Specifically, we hope to identify and engage:

  • Participants for our programs.
  • Future ChickTech Chapter leaders, workshop leads, speakers and event volunteers.
  • Partnering opportunities such as internships, career fairs, events, and other partnerships.
  • Financial support through sponsorships, grants, and donations

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