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Current Programs

ChickTech: High School

The program is an exciting, positive learning experience designed to build participants’ confidence in their technical abilities, provide positive role models, and create connections with other young women from Bend, Redmond, Madras and surrounding areas. The program starts with a 2-day hands on workshop event. All of our workshops are hands-on so that participants come out of each with a sense of accomplishment and a burst of confidence. Examples of workshops that have been offered in the past include:

  • Robotics
  • Web programming
  • Gaming
  • Mobile App Development
  • Design
  • Building Computers
  • Virtual Reality

Workshops are taught by local technology professionals, allowing students to create mentoring and professional relationships that can guide them as they choose career paths. This kickoff event concludes with a technology showcase in which the girls share the project they’ve created with the community. Girls will also have the opportunity to engage in an additional “Pop-Up” workshops, hosted at their local school) during the school year. Two senior students from this program will be selected for scholarships to attend the ACT-W conference in Portland.

ACT-W Conference

Advancing the Careers of Technical Women is a ChickTech conference that will help with career advancement, build your supportive community, find interesting companies looking to hire women in tech, and learn technical and career skills. We partner with our Portland Chapter to support and participate in the Portland ACT-W conference which is the largest female technology conference in the Pacific Northwest. Click here for more information.

Future Programs

Adult Programs

Meetup events to build a positive network and sense of belonging for women. These include networking events, tech workshops and career-enhancing events.

Mentoring Program

Mentors help change the world for the better by being a role model for other women. Spanning experienced leaders , current industry professionals, college and high school students: the mentoring program will leverage everyone’s wisdom and experience with others no matter where you are in your education or career cycle. Be a mentor, a mentee or both.

ChickTech: Middle School

Hands-on summer camp for girls entering grades 6-9. A yearly different and fun experience so that girls can return every summer that they are eligible. Potential activities can include robotics, 3D printing, game design, website development, US design, building solar-powered phone chargers and learning about renewable energy. Camp usually also includes fun break activities like yoga, field trips to tech companies and opportunities to meet inspiring women who work in tech and STEM fields.

If you are interested in helping us launch any of these future programs, please see more information about them on our Volunteer Page.

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