Youth Program

ChickTech: High School

ChickTech provides opportunities and a supportive community to female-identifying students in order to broaden participation in tech and provide equitable opportunities to all.

ChickTech believes that providing access to technology career opportunities to girls and young women is critical, both to the industry and to their lives. Our future is being shaped by technology every day, and girls and women deserve an equal say. Our program provides a supportive and welcoming environment for girls to learn, create, and do while surrounded by mentors and friends.

ChickTech High School is a year-long virtual learning series of opportunities including mentoring and hands-on workshops.

We’ve found that too many high school girls have never been provided with the opportunity to create technology projects…and that given the chance, what they create is amazing! ChickTech: High School broadens the tech pipeline by finding high school girls with untapped tech potential and providing them with workshops, mentoring, and other opportunities to get more engaged with the tech industry.

Adult Program

ACT-W (Advancing the Careers of Technical Women)

Advancing the Careers of Technical Women (ACT-W) is ChickTech’s Adult Program Offering and has 3 main components.

  1. Local meetups to provide networking and educational opportunities to Central Oregon.
  2. Our ACT-W+ online community that provides resources, workshops, and networks.
  3. Our annual ACT-W conference that focuses on career advancement.

We are building a multi-generational movement where people everywhere are improving their lives, the lives of girls in their area, and the technology industry. Too often, we hear that women in tech feel isolated and alone.

By participating in ChickTech, you’re building both your career and your support network! All people are welcome, regardless of gender or how technical you feel you are (or are not).

We provide both an online program and Local Chapter MeetUps to support your goals.

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