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  • Although women make up nearly half of the total workforce, they represent only 25% of STEM Professions.
  • Over 66% of 4th grade girls say they like science and math but their interest plunges as the continue their education and by 8th grade boys are twice as interested in STEM careers as girls which is partly due to a persistent cultural portrayal of a scientist as male.
  • Less than 3% of college-bound women choose to pursue computer science or engineering compared to 17.5% of their male peers.
  • Of graduates awarded a bachelor’s degree in computer science, 11.7% are women and 88.3% are men.
  • Women who enter the computer science field following graduation leave it at an alarming rate of 56% within the first decade of their career. Women are twice as likely to leave a scientific or engineering job as men with comparable STEM degrees.

There are many ways you can help ChickTech thrive. Whether as an individual or through corporate sponsorship, we need your help to continue to provide STEM-related events which help engage and support girls in the technology fields.


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