ChickTech High School: Madras Event

When — Friday, April 26 2019
Where — Central Oregon Community College 1170 E Ashwood Rd., Madras, OR 97741

ChickTech: High School offers a full day of hands-on workshops where 50 girls are mentored by industry and academic professionals. This event concludes with a technology showcase in which the girls share the project they’ve created with the community.

Central Oregon Chicktech Madras Event

We Are Unique in Our Approach

We start by asking educators to nominate female or gender minority students who show an aptitude in technology, but who don’t currently identify as technologists. We also request that at least half of the nominees be eligible for free or reduced lunch. This recruitment strategy gives potential participants an immediate boost of confidence and a sense of recognition. It also yields a very diverse group of girls. Across the nation, 65% of our students are girls of color and 49% are eligible for free or reduced lunch. By increasing our participants’ self-confidence and interest in technology, we increase the number of girls who aspire to technology careers. This important work is shaping the workforce of tomorrow to have the diverse skills and perspectives needed for the industry to thrive.


Workshop talks

All of our workshops are hands-on so that participants come out of each with a sense of accomplishment and a burst of confidence. Workshops are offered throughout the year so students have many opportunities to learn new skills.

Offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Robotics
  • Web programming
  • Gaming
  • Mobile App Development
  • Design
  • Building Computers
  • Virtual Reality

Workshops are taught by local technology professionals, allowing students to create mentoring and professional relationships that can guide them as they choose career paths.

Breaking Down Barriers

break down barriers

Our program is absolutely free, and we provide the following to participants:

  • Transportation assistance
  • Food
  • Childcare stipend, if needed
  • Accommodations for students with disabilities
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Connections to companies and industry professionals

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